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When one thinks of a ‘haven’, one thinks of safety, security and coziness; and in this case, close to nature. It quite literally means a sheltered spot, a place sought for rest, shelter, or protection.

This notion could not be truer for The Haven Resort Ipoh. It is a concept where the entire family can bask in luxury, away from the savagery of the civilized world in the bosom of nature at its finest. This is being one in love with the natural environment; which sips into the heart and soul of the visitor who will not be the same again after their experience.

Leaves dance to the whistling of the gentle breeze;
Mother Nature sets the laden spirit at ease;
By mellowing things to her own pace;
In this Heaven-on-Earth, stress and weightiness cease;
And within this canopy of virgin space;
The soul finds such matchless peace.

The Haven Resort Ipoh is indeed a storehouse of priceless treasure.


“In the old days (in my days) we were lucky to go for a holiday once in every three or four years…very lucky. And we would leave the family behind because we could not afford to go as a whole family. Today, everybody goes – the whole family.”

The Haven’s concept is to offer the most attractive vacation destination of luxury 5-Star accommodation, food and service to multi generations of the entire family. The resort caters to three generations – child(ren), parent(s) and grandparent(s) – and the whole development site has been constructed to be disabled-friendly.

“As a developer, our objective is to offer extremely high value luxury residences at extremely high value to the purchaser. We offer 5-Star hotel quality in design, building, as well as management without the premium attached to the price of our 5-Star residences.”

The facilities at The Haven maximize the effects of an otherwise normal vacation to something exceptionally memorable for all members of the family. Healing comes easy at so pristine a location. Hidden smiles surface and good times solder unsaid relationship ties. This is priceless. Money cannot buy it.

Evergreen tranquility marries modern-day comforts;
Coexisting like a perpetual song of endless harmony;
Family bonds are solidified, yet catered to individuality;
Three generations unite in this most unique of family resorts;
A premium getaway, minus the customary costly ceremony;
Enduring service with a smile glowing exponentially.

Another factor on offer in The Haven is good quality, healthy, organic and preservative-free foods which is a sure a way to promote better health. Coupled with the serenity of the vicinity, the fresh air, clean water, and stress-free setting – everything seems conducive to health. Better health lowers the risks of latter-day ailments and hence is a huge saving in terms of prospective medical bills. Once again, patrons receive more bang for their buck.

Thirdly, the value of investing time and other resources in such a haven transcends monetary value. It is priceless.’

Distinctive Spotlight
What stands out about The Haven in the industry?

High standards are always insisted upon at The Haven. The management and staff do their utmost and this has created the words ‘Mostest’ and ‘Bestest’ in their endeavours for that particular emphasis.

Indeed, the company strives to be the best of the best; i.e. to offer the best value for money, the best of services, and achieving the highest CSR objectives.

A Lifestyle of CSR
Can you explain regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of The Haven?

An interviewer from one of the award-winning organizations during his fact-finding interview once remarked: “Hey, the whole of your company seems to be pursuing CSR!”

“Yes, unbeknownst to most, the company does its utmost for its staff, customers, suppliers, financiers, consultants & contractors, the press, the environment, the city, the state and ultimately the country. We endeavour to be the best in the industry and to give the highest value to all. We assist everyone where we can as we operate the business.”

One of Haven’s contributions to the country is the training and development of staff.

In the hospitality industry, it is the workforce that makes or breaks the business. A single smile can go a long way and even outlast the more tangible memories of the entire vacation.

In this regard, The Haven aptly places emphasis on the things that matter, all the while letting its patrons know what really matters in life.


Profound Brand Experience
Could you outline for us what makes The Haven stand out compared to other serviced residences?

The Haven stands out head-and-shoulders above others in terms of the quality services we render. Our services are genuine and sincere. The cream on the cake is that we have managed the development to 5-Star hotel standards.

As was mentioned earlier, The Haven is a family retreat complete with facilities. Badminton, squash, tennis, table tennis courts, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, jogging track, amphitheater, ballroom, seminar rooms, children’s playground, spa, good restaurants and many more.



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