VIETNAM, here we come!

The BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City (Dec 7, 2017)

CAN YOU feel it, can you see it, you are the Brand!

Inspiring, innovative, ingenious, and impactful  indeed, these are the words that capture the celebration and grandeur of the inaugural BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards, held at the luxurious 6-star Reverie Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City on December 7, 2017.


Beginning in Kuala Lumpur and now in Vietnam, The Special Edition World Awards (Vietnam Chapter) creates history as it marks the first time The BrandLaureate Awards goes international.

During the historic event, about 20 Vietnamese and multi-national companies received The Special Edition World Awards and Certificate of Recognition for their brand recognition. Indeed, it was a proud moment for all those present including high ranking officials in Vietnam and corporate leaders representing some of the top brands in Vietnam. The Special Edition World Awards 2017 recognizes and honors the achievements of enterprises in building sustainable brands, enhancing brand awareness and developing good brand reputation both locally and abroad.



The awards ceremony and gala dinner held at the prestigious 6-star Reverie Saigon hotel and had all the hallmarks of The BrandLaureate Awards.

The banners and visual looks impressive, befitting the international brands that it represents. The majestic ballroom sparkles with glittering décor and sets the stage for a stunning and impressive performance and multimedia presentation.

President of The BrandLaureate Awards DrKKJohan said:

“The Special Edition World Awards represents the highest award for brands and branding and is an affirmation and celebration of brand supremacy and excellence,

“The awards is exclusively reserved for the crème de la crème of brands that are in a league of their own.”

Also present at the event was Chairman of The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF) Tan Sri Rainer Althoff, and BrandLaureate CEO Chew Bee Peng.



During his welcome speech, Tan Sri Rainer Althoff said: “The BrandLaureate Awards is not an ordinary award. It is the No.1 brands and branding award received by top global brands and personalities, including country leaders and statesmen,

“Today, the Asia Pacific Brands foundation launched the BrandLaureate Special Edition World Awards in Vietnam an award reserved only for the best Vietnamese brands and multi-national brands,

“A big appreciation and my heartiest congratulations to all the awardees tonight. You have all the makings of a great brand, and all you need is the extra edge to move forward, and The BrandLaureate Award will give you the edge and the platform to position your brand, locally, regionally, and globally.

“You have the drive, the confidence and sense of competitiveness, essential to be a brand leader that takes the world by storm,

“With that, I believe that Vietnam has strong country branding, thanks to all your effort in making this happen. Moving forward, we are committed to see you achieve even more and working hand-in-hand towards greater success.”



It has been the vision of President DrKKJohan to bring The BrandLaureate Awards overseas, as there are many successful international brands that are deserving of this award and recognition, and going to Vietnam marks the first milestone in this direction.

It was only about a month earlier when APBF officially announced the event during a press conference at Ho Chi Minh City on October 31.

DrKKJohan said: “It was a challenging and arduous task with only months of preparation, going back and forth to identify these big brands and explaining to them about the awards.

“Finally, we made it! Look at what we have accomplished. It’s unbelievable and incredible. We couldn’t be happier and we can’t ask for more,

“We’ve managed to get everything done in such a short time. Everything was hard and difficult, but it got us moving forward, and with this success, hopefully, it will lead to many more international awards to come.”



Investing in your brand is what all businesses in Vietnam must do, as receiving a prestigious award gives you the bragging rights to develop the credibility and sustainability of your business and your brand, said DrKKJohan.

“Awards are the affirmation and recognition of top brands, and The BrandLaureate Awards is the hallmark of successful brands  the differentiating factor between ordinary and the chosen brands,” he added.



Vietnam is one of South East Asia’s fastest-growing economy in 2017 and has set its sights on becoming a developed nation by 2020.

According to a forecast by PricewaterhouseCoopers in February 2017, Vietnam may be the fastest-growing of the world’s economies with a potential annual GDP growth rate of 5.1%, which makes its economy the 20th-largest in the world by 2050.

The BrandLaureate Country Branding Awards is usually given to honor personalities, states, institutions, events or icons that have helped to promote and enhance their country.

In Vietnam, this award was given to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) for successfully promoting Vietnam tourism around the world.

Vice-chairman of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ha Van Sieu who received the award on behalf, said VNAT is responsible for managing tourist operations and activities throughout the country and has productively boosted and strengthened Vietnam’s tourism industry.

During his speech, Ha said: “On behalf of Vietnam tonight, I am very happy. Thank you very much BrandLaureate or choosing Vietnam as the venue for this very important event,

“Secondly, we thank you very much for your recognition of Vietnam as your destination, and all of you for coming to Vietnam to enjoy our beautiful country and natural charm,

“We thank you very much for your recognition of all our very best brands tonight. Vietnam tourism, on behalf of our country, congratulates all the winners tonight for making Vietnam the Best Brand. Thank you very much.”



The BrandLaureate Special Edition World 2017 is an event to recognize and honor the efforts, breakthroughs and achievements of various enterprises in building and developing sustainable brands both locally and internationally.




The Premier Corporate Awards is given to corporate brands and industry leaders for their strong leadership and innovative strategies to survive the test of time.

These winning brands are evaluated and selected by the brand committee based on the following criteria: Brand Strategy, Brand Culture, Unified Brand Communication, Brand Creation, and Brand Presence.

Each recipient takes home a BrandLaureate 24K gold plated trophy – with three sides perfectly embossed, symbolizing the distinction and perfection that leaves a strong impression in the minds of consumers; and a certificate which reflects the pursuit of brand excellence to achieve its leadership status.

And the winners are:



The Brand Leadership Achievement Award recognizes and celebrates Vietnam’s most outstanding leaders who have played key and pivotal roles in building their brands to become market leaders.

They are known for their strong and dynamic leadership, entrepreneurial acumen, wisdom, and foresight.  In building their brands, they play an important role to help their countries develop economically.

And the winners are:

  • Kawai Katsumi, CMO & Vice President of Lotte Vietnam Co., Ltd. who has developed the Marketing Division in 2013 in Lotte, Japan headquarters, and started its Marketing Oriented strategy (policy) in global business to promote Lotte brands in Japan and overseas.
  • Mai Kieu Lan, CEO of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) who led Vinamilk to become a household brand, achieving the country’s top position in organic milk products.
  • Dr Truong Gia Binh, the face and force behind FPT Group who steered the company to become one of the largest IT corporations in the industry in Vietnam.




Last but not least, was the presentation of Certificate of Recognition to selected brands to recognize and exemplify the company’s efforts in brand building.

And the winners are:




CEO of The BrandLaureate Chew Bee Peng ended the memorable evening with a toast to all the winners.

“We have come to the end of the awards ceremony, but the night is still young, and we hope you have had a great time here. Frankly speaking, what a night to be in the company of all you great people and winning brands that represent the best of Vietnam and your respective industry,

“Winning the awards is special as it signifies your entry into the alumni of The BrandLaureate which boasts of the World’s Best Brands,

“With this award, we hope that you and your organization will be spurred to do even more, and do the best for your brands. I am sure when you go back tomorrow, you will put the trophy ion your display shelf, but we do not want that. We want the trophy to spur you on, and to do even more,

“Remember that winning the award is not the end all and be all. So for all your great effort to build your brand, we like to end the night with a toast to all of you!”


Congratulations Vietnam! Only for Brands That Inspire.



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