THAT’S YOU by Dato’ Wah Idris

The Making of The BrandLaureate’s Theme Song

For so many years, it has been the dream of The BrandLaureate to come out with its own corporate theme song — to share its vision and mission to promote excellence in the world through the power of Brands and Branding.

Dato’ Wah Idris performing “That’s You” at The BrandLaureate ICON Leadership Awards at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur on August 28, 2017.

Finally, after months of planning, it finally reveals its theme song in public, during the prestigious BrandLaureate ICON Leadership Awards at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur on August 28, 2017.
The song simply titled That’s You was beautifully composed and performed by none other than Dato’ Wah Idris, a renowned Malaysian composer, singer and songwriter, famous for his signature tune Malaysia Truly Asia, for Tourism Malaysia many years ago, which puts Malaysia on the map of the world.

During the night’s performance, Dato’ Wah who was dressed in a maroon jacket, performed like a rock star, accompanied by a grand piano and backup singers. Recounting his performance on that night, Dato’ Wah said he was thrilled beyond words.

“It was simply fantastic! I can’t find the words to describe it. I could feel the energy in a room, and I was overjoyed with the positive response. I thank God that we made it, and it will certainly be a night to remember for a long, long time.” — DATO’ WAH IDRIS

The catchy and upbeat tune was an instant crowd puller. Unlike the usual run-of-the-mill corporate theme songs with repetitive slogans, `That’s You’ was a more personable song with a down-to-earth message that everyone can sing and relate to.
Although Dato’ Wah has written countless songs during his 35-year music career, the veteran singer-songwriter still finds The BrandLaureate theme song both challenging and inspiring.
“The starting point was to come out with a nice melody structure that people can sing and hum to. The song must also have a memorable and inspiring message that people can relate to, and what better person to pen the lyrics than DrKKJohan, the President of The BrandLaureate himself.”


In writing the song, Dato’ Wah said he puts himself in the awardees shoes to reflect on what it takes to become a great brand, and to`Prove to the World that You are the One’ as the lyrics say,
“Unlike most company theme songs which are too serious about their brand name and corporate identity, That’s You talks about people as the originator and inspiration behind successful Brands, simply because You are The Brand.”
It also exemplifies The BrandLaureate Awards as a shining example and epitome of Brands and Branding success, having created a wow factor in the branding awards industry.

Moving forward, Dato’ Wah said he plans to get the song on the airwaves to reach a greater audience both locally and abroad, as he sees great potential to further promote The BrandLaureate theme song.
On what it takes to come out with a global hit song, Dato’ Wah said: “Through songs, we can create the moments and the emotions. There are sad songs, fun songs, and hilarious songs, but at the end of the day being positive is the key.

“As a songwriter, I have to think about how to inspire people because a well-written song will go a long way towards creating a lasting impact and positive impression on people’s lives,

“Last but not least, I wish to thank The BrandLaureate for the chance to contribute to its successful theme song. I look forward to more opportunities to work together and produce great songs like this in the near future.” — DATO’ WAH IDRIS




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