MSU: Prof. Tan Sri Dato Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab. Yajid

The global Pacesetter in Private Education

Malaysia’s homegrown global institution, Management and Science University (MSU) comes with a reputation for education and innovation that resonates across the world. The institution was founded with values and desire to transform lives through learning and teaching. Throughout their history they have led the way and helped shape the Malaysian young workforce through values, ideas and knowledge.

A premier university in Malaysia and amongst the 1.8 per cent top universities in Asia (QS world university ranking), MSU offers industry and entrepreneurial embedded programmes at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels in the areas of business, management, medicine, health sciences, information sciences, engineering, education and hospitality.

“We create the difference by providing the best,” states Professor Tan Sri Dato Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab. Yajid as his opening remark, the Founder and President of MSU.

“For the last 36 years, MSU has always been about quality as what education is all about. Quality is always an essence of our institution and our journey in this industry has always been about providing opportunities to anyone out there. We give equal opportunities for those who seek and want them,” says Shukri.
MSU offers advanced degrees at MBA, MSc and PhD levels covering Management, Business, Accounting, Finance, Educational Management and Leadership and Education (TESL), Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology, Food Service Technology, Biomedicine, Engineering, Applied Science, Biomedical Sciences, Information Technology, Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy. These programmes are offered under the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and Graduate School of Management (GSM).

Shukri, who is optimistic and constructive in his approach to life, proudly shares the journey of the university.

“In the past 36 years, indeed we have had four major defining milestones. Firstly, we managed to build the public perception of that we are – an institution of high quality. Secondly, we were one of the biggest private colleges at that time, was first in the country to have ever received the LAN accreditation. Our third defining moment was our transformation from a college into a university college. The fourth was the upgrading of our status to a full-fledged university,” explains Shukri.

In 2009, the educational institution started to project a new image and brand as a Tier 5 Excellence rated University. Under the Rating of Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia (SETARA), accorded twice to MSU by the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia (MoHE) has helped propelled MSU to be as one of Malaysia’s best.

“We are a serious player in the market – our aspirations have always been about building a quality institution. Our achievements thus far are testimonies that we are quality driven,” expounds Shukri.

Under his leadership, MSU rose from once humble beginnings over the last 36 years before emerging as the nation’s most popular choice for graduate employability rates among employers today. Tracing those that were successful in securing an employment within six months of their graduation, MoHE graduate tracer strategy study indicates 98.6 per cent of MSU graduates with the achievement.

“We have a high graduates’ employability rate, the highest among all universities in Malaysia,” says Shukri.

Such are compelling words that jive well with education seekers who prefer higher learning institutions which generate graduates who are work-ready.

“MSU champions in becoming an industry-embedded university where our students get to experience real-life situations as part of their learning experiences in MSU to better prepare themselves once they graduate”

A Holistic Approach to Education, to Life
When asked about the MSU Learning Experience, speaking from the heart, Shukri believes that it is what differentiates the institution from the rest.

“Here in MSU, we are committed in producing quality graduates. We invest in building the right ecosystem to create holistic well-balanced and well-rounded graduates,
Prioritising quality education, MSU incorporates 21st century learning in the teaching delivery focused on producing holistic graduates. The incorporation of global mobility programmes, extensive industrial training components into students’ learning experiences ensure the highest standards of impactful innovation, employability, and industrial relevancy of MSU graduates.
The programmes are designed to stimulate learning and revisit learning as an experience through the inclusion of elements such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.

The materials are presented in a user-friendly manner and the lessons are graphic, dynamic and interactive, making the learning experience a pleasurable one as it feels exciting and like more of an adventure as opposed to the monotony of traditional classroom learning.

MSU integrates the global elements in educational innovations. Real world scenarios are adopted into classroom learning experience. Strategic thinking and thought-provoking case study expose and equip students with practical problem solving abilities. All modules are rigorously designed with strategic industrial and corporate input, an opening vignette to major events and real-world issues.

“MSU champions in becoming an industry-embedded university where our students get to experience real-life situations as part of their learning experiences in MSU to better prepare themselves once they graduate,

“We push our students to all corners of the world through our Global Mobility Programme. This programme helps to ignite the competitiveness in our students,” says Shukri.

Coupled by programmes, educators and infrastructure designed to attract foreign students, this exemplar private institution of higher learning is one of the pillars that is raising the nation as an education hub in the world.

“We have students from 41 countries around the world to be part of the learning experiences we offer. This further enriches the culture diversity of our teaching and learning eco-system,” says Shukri.

As an educator himself, the brand-definer cannot help but emphasise more on the importance of teaching quality to improve learning experience on the whole. Teaching, in essence, the wise impartation of knowledge and skill, passed from the learned to the learner, with the hope that the transition flow does not simply end there.

Due to the state of flux within business and management communities, top management must adapt rapidly to stay competitive, relevant and strategically positioned to tackle global trends by possessing the relevant post-graduate qualifications.

“When we first started, getting quality staff was the most challenging task. But as all hard work pays off, today MSU is home to highly-qualified academic staff who have been with us for many, many years,” expounds Shukri.

Truly, the quest for greater education never ends, and MSU champions the essence of this notion. It is quite apparent at this juncture that the super brand that is MSU is in constant motion – fluid and malleable to change, but always staying sharp and ahead of its time.



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