The BrandLaureate Diplomat Award: Dr Huang Huikang

Ambassador of People's Republic of China to Malaysia

The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation is pleased to honor the Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Malaysia, His Excellency Dr Huang Huikang, with The BrandLaureate Diplomat Award  in recognition of his role in promoting strong bilateral relations between China and Malaysia.

THE award ceremony was held at St. Regis hotel Grand Ballroom in Kuala Lumpur during his farewell reception on Oct 27, 2017.  Also present on stage to do the honours include Chairman and President of The BrandLaureate Tan Sri Rainer Althoff and DrKKJohan, and President of the Malaysian Chinese Association Liow Tiong Lai.

Earlier during a farewell ceremony,  Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said: “Among all the 14 ambassadors who have served in Malaysia, Dr Huang is the most popular, hardworking and influential. He is an outstanding diplomat.”

The BrandLaureate Diplomat Award is an honour conferred to outstanding diplomats who have been committed and dedicated to their positions, and who have performed well in their countries of posting. Previous recipients of this award include Ambassador of Japan Masahiko Horie, Ambassador of France Martine Dorance, Ambassador of South Africa Thami Mseleku, and Ambassador of Russia Lyudmila Vorobyeva.


Dr Huang said: “As the 14th Chinese ambassador to Malaysia, I’ve travelled through all 13 states of Malaysia, and I am pleased to see that China-Malaysia relations and strategic partnership has not only improved all-round, but a great leap-forward under the great leadership of both countries.

“May China and Malaysia enjoy prosperity and their people live in peace and happiness, and may the friendship between the two countries last forever.”


Dr Huang is widely known as an active and outspoken diplomat in Malaysia, who earned the respect of the local Chinese community after four glorious years here. Under his leadership, he successfully pushed Malaysia-China bilateral ties to a record high. During his tenure, China-Malaysia trade breached the highest for the first time in 2015, and investments from China galloped to the top spot.

Apart from carrying out his official duties, Dr Huang is known for his outreach activities by visiting Chinese guilds, giving donations to schools, as well as spending Chinese New Year with ordinary folks.

He exemplified dedication to his position as the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Malaysia. Through his efforts, he has led a very positive and warm relationship between both countries on matters relating to politics, social, education, culture and arts.



Under his leadership, China and Malaysia have maintained an excellent relationship where he has helped to promote and facilitate government to government relations between the two countries.

Additionally, he has contributed significantly to the promotion of trade and investment relations,  and provided consular assistance to Chinese visiting in Malaysia.

During his time in Malaysia, he has endeared himself to bless all of us with his captivating personality.

Surely, Malaysia will remember him for his strong leadership in spearheading and strengthening the Malaysian-Chinese relations and also for his kind, warm and sophisticated personality.


Ambassador of People’s Republic of China to Malaysia,

His Excellency Dr Huang Huikang

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Good evening.

Thank you or your presence at my farewell reception.  I will end my tenure by the end of this month and return to Beijing together with my wife Shumei. I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to you and through you to all Malaysian friends and people.

Thank you for all the caring, support, and trust to me and to the Chinese Embassy in the past four years. It has been 1390 days since I arrived in Kuala Lumpur with the credential issued by President Xi Jinping on January 8, 2014.

And now I ‘m hosting my last reception in Malaysia.

As the 14th Chinese ambassador to Malaysia, I am lucky to witness a great leap forward of China-Malaysia relations in the past four years.

During the past four years, I’ve travelled through all 13 states of Malaysia and met many friends from a walks of life, feeling the strong will among the people to strengthen cooperation between China and Malaysia.

I am pleased to see he China-Malaysian comprehensive strategic partnership has achieved all-round and leap-forward development under the great leadership of the two countries.

The bilateral relations now have entered into the best period of history and have always been in the forefront among China’s relations with ASEAN countries.

I am pleased to see that the cooperation between China and Malaysia is very fruitful.

China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park, Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park, Malacca Gateway, East Coast Rail Link, Malaysia Southern Railway, Geely and Proton cooperation, Digital Free Trade Zone and other flagship projects have been carried out smoothly, while connectivity network by land, air and sea has undergone rapid development.

China has been the largest trading partner of Malaysia for eight consecutive years, with the bilateral trade volume reaching the level of 100 billion dollars.

China has become the largest source of foreign investment in manufacturing, the main construction contractor, and one of the largest source of foreign tourists to Malaysia.

I am pleased to see that the people of the two countries are as intimate as one family, sticking to each other through thick and thin.

The arrival of giant panda “Xingxing” and “Liangliang”, the establishment of the Xiamen University Malaysia campus, the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of bilateral relations, and the joint effort of facing the incident of MH370 and the East Coast flood, all prove that we are true friends and good partners who can share the joy of success and support each other to tide over the difficulties.

Looking back to the past four years, I’m proud to say that the tree of friendship between China and Malaysia have thrived in the soil of mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual benefit, and harvested fruitfully in the best time.

Driven by “One Belt One Road” Initiative and the international cooperation in production capacity, I am looking forward to the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Malaysia bursting out stronger vitality.

The bilateral relations will enter the “Diamond 40 Years” featuring the shared destiny and close interdependence.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

During the past month, I bid farewell to Prime Minister Dato’Seri Najib, Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Zahid, Cabinet Ministers, companions from parliament, political parties and friends from all walks of life.

I was deeply touched by their caring and friendship towards me. I was titled with “Best Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia”, “Best Friend of Malaysia”, “Best Friend of the Chinese Community”, “Best Friend of the Chinese Education”, “Best Friend of the Chinese Merchants” and “Best Friend of the Baba Nyonya” etc.

When I am about to leave this country, all the past memories crowd in my mind.

As a veteran of diplomacy, I’ve left my footprints almost everywhere in the world, but beside my motherland China, Malaysia is the most beloved one.

I’ll never forget the brotherhood between the top leaders of our two countries.

I’ll never forget the exciting tears glistening in Prime Minister Najib’s eyes when he signed the Joint Communique between the P.R. C. and Malaysia in Conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations with Premier Li Keqiang.

I’ll never forget the scene I awarded people contributing to China-Malaysia relationship with “Star of China- Malaysia Friendship”.

I’ll never forget Malaysia’s beautiful scenery, warm¬hearted people, diversified and rich culture, as well as the tasty laksa, white coffee and durian.

And friends from all circles of society treating me as true brother in these four years are the most important part that I can never forget.

Only “thank you” can express my feeling at this time.

I wish to sincerely appreciate the laborious efforts made by friends from Malaysia.

You’re contributed a lot and paved the way for the healthy and rapid development of China-Malaysia relations.

I wish to sincerely appreciate the Chinese communities in Malaysia and their leaders. You’ve become a strong bond between China and Malaysia by devoting yourself to enhancing people-to-people friendship and propelling pragmatic cooperation.

I wish to appreciate all the ambassadors and diplomats stationed in Malaysia.

It’s my honor to meet and exchange opinions with you.

I wish to sincerely appreciate all my compatriots here from Chinese-funded enterprises, student abroad etc.

You’ve and will continue to dedicate yourselves to build the bilateral friendship.

Last but not least, I wish to sincerely appreciate all my colleagues in Chinese Embassy who work day and night with me.

I’m deeply gratified and proud of you.

Ladies and gentlemen,

History remains traces, but love is boundless.

Although time flies, it brings about the harvest.

Your friendship will accompany with me and will be engraved in my mind forever.

In the autumn ninety years’ ago, when a well-known Chinese modem poet left Cambridge, he reads out that Very quietly I take my leave, not even a will I bring away.

But my wife and I will bring away our memories of this land and its people when we leave here.

We’ll embark on a new journey with all your best wishes and our aspiration for a better future of China-Malaysia relations.

Upon the time for parting, my 1380 days’ thinking and doing are compiled into a book named Voice from My Heart. I wish to dedicate it to the China-Malaysia friendship I treasure, and to all the friends ever helped and supported me.

Wherever I will be, I will be your friend forever and will continue to do whatever I can to consolidate the China-Malaysia relations.

I sincerely hope you can continue your same support to the Charge d’Affairs ad interim, Minister-Counsellor Mrs. Ma Jia after my leave for China, and also the forthcoming new Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia.

One week ago, the 19th National Congress of China Communist Party was convened successfully, and the new leadership of the CPC central committee was elected.

Under the new leadership with President Xi Jinping as the core, the Chinese people will embark on a new journey of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

We wish to work together with the Malaysian government and make joint efforts to seek common development.

May China and Malaysia enjoy prosperity and their people live in peace and happiness. May the friendship between the two countries last forever.

Thank you!




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