Klaus Wohlfarth: The BrandLaureate Business Entrepreneur Brand ICON Leadership Award

Managing director and founder of KW Automotive GmbH from Germany

Congratulations to Klaus Wohlfarth, the managing director and founder of KW Automotive GmbH, for receiving The BrandLaureate Business Entrepreneur Brand ICON Leadership Award — in recognition of his outstanding career and his meritorious contribution to the automotive industry.

Wohlfarth founded KW Automotive in 1995 which specializes in the development, production and distribution of innovative chassis technology for road and racing applications, both nationally and internationally.

From humble beginnings, the company became an international player in automotive suspension. They produce high-quality, medium priced suspensions at the KW automotive factory in Fichtenberg, Germany. Today, KW Automotive is regarded as one of the market leader in individual suspension solution, boasting a huge catalogue of upgrades, revolutionary coilover technologies, with massive success in various motorsports.The growth of Wohlfarth’s company is a testament to his commitment to the business and the brand.


Birth of a V3

Our founder, Klaus Wohlfarth, demonstrates how a V3 goes from raw materials to state-of-the-art suspension systems for some of the most advanced automobiles in the world.

Posted by KW suspensions on Wednesday, August 16, 2017


KW Automotive acquired the ST brand in 2005 and have developed a range of coilover technologies for ST suspensions to aid the growth of the brand in the European and Japanese car segments.

ST suspensions have actually been part of the KW automotive group since 2005. But until early 2014, the suspensions had only been available in the USA.

The ST suspension brand has opened up a whole new sector for KW automotive, further increasing the product range to suit just about all driving needs and budget requirements.



Klaus Wohlfarth is also the man behind the RaceRoom Racing Experience, a realistic e-motor sports which provides the ultimate racing experience by connecting the world of real motorsports with the virtual world through PC Games, Home Simulators and Event Solutions.


The Asia Pacific Brands Foundation is indeed proud to honor Klaus Wohlfarth with The BrandLaureate Business Entrepreneur Brand ICON Leadership Award.

Also present at the awards ceremony at Chinoz KLCC on Friday, were The BrandLaureate Chairman YBhg Tan Sri Rainer Althoff,  President and CEO of The BrandLaureate DrKKJohan and Chew Bee Peng, and CEO of Raceroom Malaysia Jason Chong.



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