DrKKJohan’s Speech at The BrandLaureate Brand ICON Leadership Awards

Full transcript of the speech at the Gala Dinner at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur on October 13, 2016

An inspiring speech by Dr.KKJohan, President of The BrandLaureate on the theme “Dare to Leap, Lead, Live, Dare to Be” at this year’s BrandLaureate Brand ICON Leadership Award, on October  13, 2016.

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Yang Teramat Mulia Dato’ Seri DiRaja Tan Sri Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz binti Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, Tunku Panglima Besar Kedah

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How is everyone doing so far? I believe so far so good, because I can see all the smiling faces and full of laughter all around us in this celebratory mood.

I like to start off this evening by sharing this video with all of you…




It is the boxing match between Diego Corralles versus Jose Luis Castillo in 2005.

It is one of the most dramatic fights, unbelievable, unimaginable and unrivalled. It’s the fight of the year.

How many times was he knock down and he was up again and made a comeback? He was knocked down but he was never knocked out.  He was so badly beaten, bruised and injured at round ten, and at the count of 9, he never gave up on himself.

Television networks CBC, WBO named it the “Lightweight title fight of the year.”

My question is, if you were Corrales, what would you have done? Many of us would have given up without a second thought. There is no chance of surviving, let alone winning but because he dares to fight on, he not only won but he received the title.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what is the moral of the story? A moment is all it takes. A chance is all you have.

Can you remember your very own moment in life, when you wanted to give up but you didn’t? It was that moment of your life that changed the destiny and shaped your future. From where you were, to where you are right now! I am sure you can relate and you couldn’t be happier and you couldn’t ask for more.




Everyone has an epiphany, where sometime drastic happens in your life. You may never have thought about it but you took hold of that moment and that determines and makes all that difference in your life.

Epiphany is that moment when you suddenly feel that you understand and become conscious of something that is very important to you in your life.

Need I say that all of us in this hall have experienced that moment, where you have to make a decision whether to go forth or let it slip by, with regrets for the rest of your life.

I am so proud that tonight, all the recipients of the Awards are icons in their own rights.  You are a class of your own.  You have never given up no matter what the circumstances are. You stayed on and you stayed through.  Come what may, you have never lost your focus. You live a driven purpose life. You have the leadership and the courage to stand for what you believe in. You are vibrant, dynamic, energetic, aggressive, innovative and above all, optimistic in life and most of all have the daringness to be what you dream to be.

To me, there is one word that best describes icons –and that word is DARING. That is their Deoxyribonu cleic acid or in short, DNA.

The theme for this year’s The BrandLaureate Brand ICON Leadership Award, DARE TO LEAP, LEAD, LIVE, DARE TO BE is most appropriate in describing the iconic hero in you, where you dared to leap to the highest, lead to the top and live to the fullest to be who you want to be and who you dream to be.






I have written for myself a personal quote that is “ Don’t be afraid to dream big, don’t be ashamed to start small and don’t be amazed with the result. You never know.”

At the end of the day, you are where you are, because YOU DARE to BE. If you retreat and dare not be what you want to be, then you will never succeed and build the greatness in you.

William Shakespeare, the great literary figure said – “ Be not afraid of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them.”

Well, Shakespeare was right in his time and era, but in this present time, I say that you must…


“Create your own greatness, be great, make yourself great . To me, true greatness is won by yourself, of yourself, to yourself, for yourself” …Dr.KKJohan

I want to share with you my favorite Hokkien phrase… Pak see boh chow….chow tak tiok see. Ng mien kia. Ng mien chow. Tak tiew yah (sure win)

(it means when life takes a knocking at you, you don’t have to run away from the problems.  Don’t be afraid to take on the problems.  You will overcome it and ultimately, you will surely  win and live. It also speaks about having the staying power to stay on and to power on in life).


Have the i-power, the ICON Power

BrandLaureate icons, you are here tonight because you earned your place here, because of your leadership, your courage, your perseverance, commitment and contribution to the nation and community.

BrandLaureate icons, you are here tonight because you are a force to be reckoned with. As I look at the profile of all of you listed in the souvenir program, I am so proud of your achievements. Your indomitable spirit that resonates in the deepest recesses of your soul is the key that allows you to conquer new frontiers and scale the highest mountains. Your fearlessness to go where no man dares to go is unmatched and you are able to blaze trails and set trends while others are mere mortals and followers.

You have what it takes to be an icon.

A lesser man would not have been able to achieve what you have done and I salute and respect all of you icons that have made an indelible mark in our lives and communities.



Let me end with this quote.

“All our dreams can come true if only we have the courage to pursue them. “….Walt Disney.

“If only you dare, you will have the courage.” …Dr.KKJohan







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