ATM : General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri (Dr.) Haji Zulkifeli bin Mohd. Zin

The Grand Defender of Unremitting Peace and Stability

Lifeblood is spilt, fighting hard to retain heat on its definitive fall to the inert ground;
A battlefield laden with nauseating gunpowder, explosive mines, splintered bones and a million screams now nowhere to be found;Spilt for love, not just sentimental, but of patriotism so profound; Willing to pay the ultimate price, without a second thought,upon the darling battleground.

atm-coverThis land is ancient…far more primordial than written history can account for, with evidence attested solely by its primeval natural history. Only eternity can truly tell of the battles which took place over the centuries for struggle of territory and dominion of coastlines. Still, on this very day, it is a sheer privilege and blessing to see how countless families can sleep soundly at night in the warm and fuzzy knowledge that they are safe because of the ever-vigilant protectors of the land.

The Malaysian Armed Forces has, since its inception on 1 March 1933, been synonymous with the defence of the nation even before it became the refined entity it is today. Over the decades since its establishment, the perpetually dynamic global and regional geo-strategic landscapes have experienced substantial shifts – duly compelling significant changes on how one may view peace and stability and fathom the intricacies of harmonious balance.

Being an organization steeped in centuries-old traditions, legacies and ethos, one may indeed wonder if the Malaysian Armed Forces is truly prepared to depart from its age-old customs, philosophy and heritage in order to better adapt to an increasingly uncertain, albeit challenging, world. In essence, one ponders if said military organization can remain relevant and relatable to a younger generation increasingly insulated from conflict, conditioned by a softer climate and cozy with its inhibited lifestyle…

In truth, to define the Malaysian Armed Forces as a Brand would be superfluous as it is the sole agency responsible, by law, to defend the nation’s sovereignty against foreign threats. In this sense, the Malaysian Armed Forces has no competitors as the illustrious history of this country bears witness of its selfless sacrifices in ensuring continuous peace and stability to the nation. In short, its existence is assured by the Constitution and no entity would be able to replace it. That notwithstanding, the Malaysian Armed Forces has left no stones unturned in making its presence continuously felt and its manifestation constantly relevant to societies, within and beyond our borders. For that, The BrandLaureate could find no better person to irradiate this phenomenon than the ‘Master of the Brand’ himself, General Tan Sri Dato’ Sri (Dr.) Haji Zulkifeli bin Mohd. Zin, the 18th Chief of Defence Force, since 2011.

Dimensions of the General’s Eye

My soldiers are an integral part of a living organism;
Of which I am the head – giving direction and inspiring enthusiasm;
My heart of hearts senses its reverberating pulse of dynamism;
Transcending the uniform via the organic prism of untold wisdom.

The words, Heavy the head that wears the crown, take new a dimension of meaning when it concerns an army general who is in charge of his men. He feels for their lives in every aspect imaginable – for their duty takes them to the very frontiers of resilience of mind, body, emotions and spirit – and he must keep a vigilant eye both on the path for the march ahead and the families they have left behind in his care.

Contrary to the adage, The most difficult thing to put into a military mind is a new idea, because you have to dislodge an old one, as described by the military thinker, Basil Liddle Hart, the Malaysian Armed Forces has moved according to the times – continuously transforming itself to meet new challenges. It is a plethora of new and innovative ideas has placed it amongst the more progressive Government agencies in the country spearheading a number of formal initiatives. Its presence continues to assure security to the people, especially against external threats while the services rendered to society encompasses a myriad of areas, some of which includes even the most unthinkable ventures such as organizing an art exhibition and housing selected law breakers in military camps for rehabilitation. Such innovative initiatives afford assurance that the Malaysian Armed Forces is constantly adapting to new albeit more demanding challenges whilst having its finger closely on the rakyat’s pulse.

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