Public Bank’s 50th Anniversary: Preserving Relevance Relentlessly

“My vision was to have a bank for the public." -- Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Teh Hong Piow (Founder)

Public Bank celebrates its historic 50th Anniversary in August 2016, having grown from strength to strength and entrenching itself as one of the nation’s most venerated banking establishments. During this ostentatious occasion of great jubilee, Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Teh Hong Piow, the seasoned visage of Brand Public Bank and devoted father who conceptualized the ‘people’s bank’, smilingly reflects upon his life’s work in the same way an artist might intricately savour his greatest masterpiece laid up upon the marvelous canvas of life.

PB-covercompelling Vision is like a fine work of art – it’s about coming out with an idea that is ideally intriguing and refreshing that triggers people’s interest and excitement. It’s about demystifying the very thing which a leader says is important so that it can provide guidance and be put into practice. My Vision was to have a bank for the public. In an era where banks were beyond the reach of the man on the street, I guess my idea was like an oasis.”

Over the gentle flow of years, each artful stroke masterfully administered has conveyed the very essence of the ‘artist’ from the inside out – and the end result is a reputable institution, a form of refined national treasure, that has become the pride of the people in this blessed land, solidified by stability in leadership, astute business sense and professionalism. The Sage Banker overflows with an ever grateful and thankful heart…

“I was lucky to have my team with me. The Vision took flight when we were able to make profit within the very first year of operations. To say that we were highly motivated is to put it tamely! We knew then that if we had the confidence, and were willing to take risks while staying grounded and focused, we would be able to outperform ourselves again and again. Being a banker is a 24/7 job. How we conduct ourselves on and off the job is equally important. A banker bears a big responsibility. I know that I am often seen as conservative, but when it comes to dealing with the most precious of commodities – money – I always prefer to err on the cautious side.”

Radiating opulence of the very highest calibre, this admirable leader has not only grown his brand sublimely for half a century, but has nurtured it in every way with tender loving care as one would a family, simultaneously contributing to transforming the banking sector into something very relatable – revolutionizing the overall banking experience to become both personalized and organic.

“I always believe that relationship capital plays a big part in the success of any organization. Indeed, our corporate Philosophy defines our stakeholders to be more than just the customers. We believe in taking care of our shareholders, community and staff as well. I look forward to meeting all levels of staff during my visits to branches and overseas. As at today, the Group employs more than 18,000 staff and serves more than 9 million customers across the region. We are also a recognized household name in the community.”

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