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Contemporary Evolution: The Modern Notion of 'Perishable Goods'

Thinkers often sat down and pondered in the past, wondering how to make history. With every breakthrough in harvesting the fruits of deep thought, and success in raising understanding and higher awareness, they leave a mark in history, hoping that their names are remembered long after they are gone.

The strange irony about this notion in modern times is retaining a fixed perspective is no longer the protocol of the day. In a fluid and nearly instant world, where the touch of a finger can unravel knowledge once only retrievable after years of study before, it is no longer what one knows; but rather how quickly one gets access to information, and how skillfully one focuses and applies that information (which often has a limited lifespan) to the immediate situation.


The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas was a behemoth: with 170,000 attendees and 3800 exhibitors. On the show floor you’ll find large brands, such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, with high definition TVs (4K, 8K, OLED and Curved), camera companies such as Nikon, Canon, and tech-driven car companies such as Ford and Chevrolet, Audi and BMW.

The Application of Branding in an Era of Apps

Now apply this principle to branding. What sort of branding outlook we should have to reach a generation that operates in this seemingly ‘touch and go’ manner? Which media or approach would be impactful enough to leave an impression? And how competitive might the chosen platform be, considering the immense waves of branding that is constantly flooding in multiple avenues? At one time, a billboard ad would have been the talk of the town for a long while, magnified by its size and location. Sometimes a billboard is so imposing that it becomes a landmark in the vicinity it is located in. People talk about it and the advertiser gets his money’s worth of branding.

One surely cannot hope for the same kind of reaction today. There are far too many new ‘distractions’, gizmos and software that have stolen the thunder of traditional means of advertising and branding, and the sheer influx of data ‘waters down’ the intensity of each branding endeavour, this, coupled with the way the modern ‘eye-to-screen’ brain operates, bodes ill for any valiant gung-ho attempt at branding using the traditional avenues.

Inventing Vs. Innovating

If you really think about it, inventions today are no longer inventions in the true sense of the word. It is lovingly called an innovation or improvement, as many fundamental necessities have already been invented. Time now seeks only to perfect such creations of the past so that they operate in a way that is maximized for usefulness as well as modern enough to ‘blend in’ with everything else that is contemporary.

Ponder about this before you work out your branding plan. Remember: There is no reason to reinvent the wheel!

Tailor-made Branding

While we still remain as human beings, the demands of the day today are very different from those of the generations before us. When it comes to branding effectively, we have to consider how the minds of today process and receive such branding. Be mindful that what was once impactful and long-standing may not carry the same punch as it once did. The seasons have changed, ensure your branding is weatherproofed – or it will succumb to the extremities of weathering. The environment has become altered. Ensure your branding techniques are adaptable to the new surroundings – or it will be engulfed by the snares purposelessness.

So it may seem challenging to brand in today’s climate. But one has to tune in with the same frequency of the season to know how to truly access the attention of the masses. It is time to reinvent the branding that works for you. Without remaining oblivious to our surroundings, customize the branding that resonates with the essence of your brand and capitalize on the climate of the day to maximize the branding impact.


Other new technology making waves include virtual reality (VR), 3-D printing (Check out the UltiMaker and Polaroid 3D printers), The Smart Home, the Internet of Things (IoT), HealthTech, and drones of all sizes, shapes and purposes.

Remember, you are the best person to know your brand. Just take some time to think before you endeavour to brand. Creative, well-placed, timely and target-oriented branding will usher your brand into the halls of remembrance.

Remembrance comes with brand loyalty. And brand loyalty is attained (and more importantly, retained) by a strong emotional or sentimental connection to the brand. Branding may change with the times, but feelings are eternal. And once you figure out how to connect to your patrons in a way that invokes (positive) feelings, you have attained the very Nirvana of branding.

Happy Branding!



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