The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2015-2016

A total of 75 Awards given out in one of the biggest SMEs awards in the history of The BrandLaureate


The EDGE SME 2015-2016

IT WAS THE biggest night for SMEs in Malaysia. The BrandLaureate SMEs BestBrands Awards 2015-2016 was a huge success and grand celebration with more 1000 people in attendance, handsomely dressed in formal attire. The gala dinner cum award-ceremony was held at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur on Thursday, March 10, 2016, to witness the biggest and best SME Brands in the country receive their golden trophies and certificates of distinction. During the 3-hour event, a total of 75 awards were given out in seven categories from Corporate to Product and Leadership Awards.


The night kicked off with a dynamic water drum performance, followed by a multimedia presentation and rousing speech by DrKKJohan on the theme “Dare to Take On, Take It, and Take Over.” The entertainment highlight of the evening was a special dance presentation by Asia’s best Michael Jackson impersonator and his team, while guests enjoyed the show with a sumptuos 4-course meal. The ceremony was also covered by several local media, including Astro Awani as featured in the video below.


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A total of 10 companies from various sectors won the coveted SMEs Brand of the Year Awards including: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre (Health& Beauty), ChekHup (F&B-Coffee), Getha (Bedding Solutions), Inovar (Laminate Flooring), Jakel (Textiles), Koong Woh Tong, Q-Dees (Pre-School Education), Ronser Bio-Tech (Water Treatment), Subway (Sandwiches) and Worldgate (Logistics).

Among the notable recipients were Datuk Vincent Choo and wife Datin Cynthia Cheong who also won the inaugural SMEs Business Couple of the Year Award, and whose Subway sandwich franchise took home the BestBrand in F&B – Sandwiches award. During an interview, Choo who brought the Subway franchise to Malaysia in 2011, said they worked hard to build the brand to what it is today, and their effort has definitely paid off. To date, they have opened a total of 205 Subway stores throughout Malaysia. Another winner, Jakel which won the BestBrands award in Retail – Textiles, said they are grateful for the award and look forward to another successful year with increased sales and retail presence with this new award recognition.


VIP guest, Malaysian fashion designer Datuk Jimmy Choo who was also present at the event said The BrandLaureate Awards is an important recognition to honour and inspire local SMEs to reach greater heights of excellence. He said: “This award and recognition is good for the country, for the industry, and for well-deserving individuals whose success will inspire more talented people to come forward and create more businesses in the country.”

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Founder and President of The BrandLaureate DrKKJohan said he is happy with the incredible success and huge turnout at the event – “This is definitely one of the biggest SMEs awards in the history of The BrandLaureate, since its inception a decade ago.” He hopes that the event will continue to grow and inspire more SMEs to see their true potential and step forward to compete in the next awards ceremony to receive their due award and recognition.




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