ROCK YOUR BUSINESS: ‘American Idol of Entrepreneurship’

IT IS not hard to start a business, but how do you stay in business?

IT IS not hard to start a business, but how do you stay in business? How do you survive in this competitive world, and how do you make your products and services attractive to your potential customers? If you are frustrated with the above, you may want to attend Rock Your Business “live” in Kuala Lumpur this October.dave rogers

Instead of spending 1 to 3 years to complete an MBA degree, the three-day programme, to be held from Oct 16-18, 2015, will take your business to the next level by discovering the secrets of world class entrepreneurs and how to become like them.

The founder of Rock Your Life Mike Handcock is one of Asia’s leading edutainer and Top 10 coaches. He is also the best-selling author of 10 books and producer of the movie ‘Dreamcatchers’. Handcock’s early career saw him reaching a high level in corporates, and now he has turned his focus on franchising, licensing, and international business.

Co-founder of Rock Your Business, Dave Rogers said the programme has helped hundreds of participants boost their businesses and enjoy the freedom of becoming an entrepreneur. “During the 3-day programme, participants will learn the secrets of entrepreneurship that every leader follows, discover the cycle of business flow and plan for it, understand what is holding them back, and get involved in transforming and fast tracking their business,

“They will also learn how to franchise and license their ideas, find investors and sponsors to grow their business internationally, besides contributing to the planet,” said Rogers.

Dave Rogers is an experienced coach in financial intelligence and a business linguist who has invested in over 13 businesses, with over 20 years in talent management. He said: ‘During the transformational journey, participants will be challenged at numerous stages to stand out in the sea of sameness, highlight their unique ability, and identify their unique selling proposition.”

As a Spirit of Enterprise Award winner, he will work with them to build their business mindset, nurture and develop a team to set the foundation for growth, and expand their business.

“Our panel of global sages and business experts are also present to share their tips and tricks and address issues experienced by so many businesses,” adding that Rock Your Business will focus on the purpose, unique abilities, and legacy of participants.

In this Q&A, Rogers answers six frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs:

Q. How do I increase my cash flow?
The cash flow of your business is not all about product prices and business expenses. There are many factors that impact cash flow, and there are tried and proven ways to increase it. Our panel of business experts will provide you their personal gestalt experiences and practical approaches on how to increase the cash flow of your enterprise with best practices like how to leverage on strategic partnerships, social media, and pitching.

Q. I have a great idea but how do I profit from it?
Many startups and established enterprises have come across this challenge and some have given up before they even start. We have put together a team of high profile international business experts to work with you during Rock Your Business. These experts will be your coaches for the entire experience. One of our systems to be revealed during the weekend is Scale of Success where our experts will do a case study on “8-steps on How to Systemise Your Business”, allowing you to find a business sequence that will revolutionise the way you conduct, develop, and profit from your business.

Q. How can I make my products or services stand out amongst others?
In the modern world today, it is not hard to start a business; you can buy a domain name, add content, register your business and you are in business. It is quick and easy, and many people are doing exactly that, which means there can be a lot of competition out there.

Q. How do I work on the business and not in the business?
The issue is about digging deep into your action, and thinking dynamics as well as neuro-cognitive recognition patterns that are running you and your mindset about time, money and prioritisation. During the weekend, business simulations will also be orchestrated to help you understand your current behaviours, beliefs, and strategies; and provide you with new strategies in delegation and practical application of the Scale of Success business system, with key approaches to outsourcing, time management and business optimisation.

Q. How do I find the right people for my team?
Whether you are a small business or a large company, finding the right staff with the right skills can be a challenge. You want to find the right people who can work alongside you, who are as passionate about your products and services as you are. There are proven ways to delegate your day-to-day responsibilities to someone who can assist you to build your Super Team.

Q. What does Rock Your Business focus on?
We focus on brand, ideas, teams, and partnerships, taking businesses to the next level and making a difference by adding constant value and leveraging on that value. Our coaching experts will teach you incredible fast track methods to get your business results.



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