Brand Positioning in the Midst of Turbulent Times

In spite of it all... What must we do? What can we do? What can we say? “In spite of it all... Keep branding!”

Life is brief, akin to a sweet dream, or a miniscule candle, or a blazing comet – beautiful and brilliant, yet momentary. And the events that follow life are uncertain, often extending beyond our control, governed by the powers that be, swayed by unfathomable forces; guided by the threads of destiny, or even chance; more so during these shrouded times of uncertainty. It is true, humanity has always feared the unknown. The state of not knowing lurks in the corner of our minds like a sleepless shadow… Sometimes manifesting itself as doomsday gloom – alas, the terrifying gloom of doom.

“A Future Veiled from Foresight”

We live in an era when, more often than not, we can expect the unexpected. The future is veiled; it always has been. Nobody can see what’s really coming… People go on living blissfully and happily until all of a sudden, disaster strikes. Just like the tsunami or the ill-fated MH370, MH17 and QZ8510 which no one expected or was prepared for. How could we possibly brace ourselves for the full extent, magnitude and impact of these tragedies? Even now, the effects of the aftermath linger; and the stench of mystery festers…

“Prospective Gaze: It Is Akin to Attributing Shapes to Shadows…”

The future remains undefined, yet to be interpreted by words we can fully fathom, yet to be outlined into shapes we can perceive. The future is not quick to reveal its true colours, be it good or bad. All we can see is the limited sight of the here and now – and such a peripheral view gives no real insight of things to come. All we can envision is the vague definition of daydreams. All we can look forward to is bask in is the warm hope that floats atop the cold fear which oozes from the abysmal desolation of not knowing beneath. It is an endless game of wild speculation, logical conclusions and ceaseless guessing. But one thing remains sure: The future will arrive! And where will your brand be then?

As I look about me, I see no forward or backward, I see no beginning or end. But I do see the now. So I embrace the art of positive thought in the present. For we cannot alter the past, but perhaps we can endeavour to ease our hearts in the impending future. I perceive a future in brands and branding! And what a sound and secure future it is!

“Maintain Your Brand Positioning – That Is the Way to Sustain the Brand”

In the perpetual voyage of Country Branding, always remember to keep your brand positioning. Keep it true to form. Stay focused on the position of your brand. Keep your brand secure and poised for greatness. Envision said greatness for your brand. And hold that position firmly. Stand your ground. It is high time to take hold of your brand positioning to ensure brand longevity.

The realm of branding hopes to see the seeds of a dream germinate beautifully – spores sowed by an idea, watered by vision, given TLC (tender loving care), and nourished over time by a firm foundation in brand security, wonderfully enriched by breakthrough strategy. Stay true to your brand. And let your brand stay on course – from the pole position all the way to the finish line.

“Keep Hope Alive”

I hope the unfolding of the NEW year will bring a NEW hope to all. Undoubtedly a lot of people will be lost – wandering in the wilderness of the unknown. But as Brand Guardians, keep your eyes wide open. Search for the beacon of hope. For as long as there is hope, there is the promise of a future. As long as hope is alive, your brand will embrace its full potential, it will have a long life line. And as long as you keep your brand alive in that hope, your brand will have a future – and a bright one at that!

Keep the foundation of your brand firmly entrenched in its positioning. Trials will naturally come our way, but stand firm and be bold. And when the time comes for you to peer into your soul, do not ask, “What to do?”; but instead say to yourself, “Got to do!” In fact, I like the NIKE slogan: “Just DO it!”

Just continue to keep on branding and build up the brand. Keep at it earnestly. Keep at it diligently. Keep at it vehemently. Don’t think twice about it and just stay on mission. Never give up. HANG ON and don’t HANG UP – for help will come…

Always remember:

“At the end of the rainbow…there is a pot of gold.”

Dr. KKJohan
A man with a mission, he is the Founding President of The BrandLaureate. The visage of the world’s only branding foundation, he built The BrandLaureate Awards from nothing into the most prestigious and coveted branding awards.



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