A Fresh Look is Good for a New Perspective

No matter how well established a brand may be, it must be bold enough to change. Regardless of how classic or timeless a brand deems itself, clinging on to its old values with a death-grip, unwilling to uproot itself from its preset image, can be fatal

I recently removed a framed portrait of myself at home and replaced it with a new picture. What a difference it made to my living space! As simple as such an act was, it rejuvenated my humble abode and blessed it with newfound positive energy! And it was then that it dawned upon me just how important change is. Change is needed in all aspects of life, for it brings new perspective to everything. And truth be told – the sky is the limit when it comes to change! In tandem with the previous sharing concerning perception, this time we delve deeper and take a focused gaze at how change can alter one’s perception – both reflectively inside and projected outwardly –generating a fresh look that is beneficial; reinforcing one’s brand image two-fold.

“Turn a scar into a star…”

At a glance, the world may seem to be unchanging. One could suppose that time merely passes, uneventfully, and life just goes on as it always has without any change… But how could that even be possible? Perhaps there is something we are missing in the big picture? For even Mother Nature, in all her wisdom, provides change at her own pace… The weather can be sunny or gloomy, cloudy or clear, wet or dry, still or windy; and every day is split into light and dark. And the seasons evolve… Summer…Spring…Autumn…Winter… Even nature, which encompasses everything around us, paints a new picture every now and then. Coupled with the organic growth of plants and animals, natural disasters, the tectonic shifting of land masses, the drifting of ice masses, the ongoing formation of coral islands, frozen lava, fjords and river deltas and other gradual geological and topographical processes which steadily occur at normal intervals, the very planet itself is in constant motion, exploding with change.

“One thing is constant – change.”

How is it that human beings (or brands for that matter) are able to stick with the same ‘picture’ year in and year out, as if frozen in time? (Sometimes a ‘picture’ that has become age-worn and covered in thick cobwebs!) Even the most intricate and captivating painting can lose its ‘magic’ when the constant rain of dust of the ages settles on it… Repeated gazing, day in and day out, time and time again – endlessly monotonous and perpetually mundane… Till it becomes an item that is taken for granted, devoid of excitement, drained of all that is wonderful, arid in spirit and nearly forgotten from memory – a pitiful husk of its former heyday glory. It is so wrong to allow anything to arrive at such a decrepit, static stage! And for a brand, it can be a fatal mistake!

“Brands are all about impressions. Without the right impression, brands are dead.”

Such ‘stillness in motion’ anchors a brand to a fixed setting and makes it rigid and unchanging with the times. In a world where even the once-archaic museums are becoming interactive and tech-infused, and where classic brands are being rebranded, making a noteworthy comeback in order to be more relatable to the modern-day masses, the ‘unchanging’ feature is certainly most unattractive. Imagine… To be utterly unmoving in a world that is constantly in motion – a blue globe that spins on its axis daily and unfailingly orbits the Sun, causing high tide and low tide… A world brimming with evolving life and ever-changing technology; ever connected at an increasing degree. We ought to be mindful of change. And we must be open to the goodness of change at all times.

“Most of the time, people say ‘never mind’; but the ‘mind’ is the main thing in branding – the mind perceives, and perception is everything!”

No matter how well established a brand may be, it must be bold enough to change. Regardless of how classic or timeless a brand deems itself, clinging on to its old values with a death-grip, unwilling to uproot itself from its preset image, the truth of the matter is if given a choice, people do not like to see the same old painting all year round. A fresh look can indeed be a much welcomed thing – refreshing and invigorating!

“The day you stop progressing is the day you start…regressing.”

There is undoubtedly a certain charm in change. Even the same old painting, when relocated to a different place (a place of change), is given a breath of fresh air – a new dimension of appreciation, a renewed shade of light, the sudden revealing of a long-concealed beauty, a kaleidoscopic treat come to life. The repositioning of a picture can help to bring out shapes that were not so obvious or eye-catching before – unexpectedly evolving them to become the energetic talk of the town! And cleaning it might even bring out a long-forgotten shine! Considering all this goodness, even an entrenched brand can afford change – for change would not rob the brand of what it is; but rather, bring it under new light. And new light can highlight aspects of the brand that were previously not so prominent, enabling it to be savoured in a breakthrough way, appreciated on a greater frequency and absorbed more wholesomely; exposed to eyes that were not conscious of its beauty before. This newfound appreciation raises the brand to a new level of awareness in the heart of the beholder.

“Only when you change, can you affect change.”

Change itself is a boundless word. It is not limited to the tangible, but in fact begins in the conscious mind. It is a game of bending perspectives, altering vantage points and shifting of angles. Old thought patterns and habitual responses are done away with when change comes – bringing a fresh look which washes away the presuppositions and assumptions of old. We have to be appreciative of change, for it is bold. Change snaps sagging cobwebs and scatters away ancient dust. It returns the ‘bling’, glam and glimmer, reactivating the true essence of the brand within; simultaneously shattering rusted conjectures, disintegrating skeletons in the closet and disabling forgotten notions forever.

“Change is as inevitable as the odyssey of time.”

So why is change vital? The rationale is one of common sense. The attitude of change gives birth to the culture of change. The culture of change is always fluid, always moving, always alive, always evolving for the better, relentlessly adapting to the times. It is never stagnant. It is ever energetic, boundlessly growing and willing to acclimatize in order to fare better. To embrace change is to always be open to possibilities. This quality applies to all aspects of the brand, and the brand will thaw itself in order to stay ‘hot’ and current; keeping abreast with the perpetually revolving seasons. A brand that exudes these qualities is undoubtedly a brand that possesses survivor DNA. A thriving, sustainable brand by way of its constant motion of change becomes a dynamo that not only inspires confidence in the hearts of the people, but is a pleasant marvel to gaze at because of the fresh new spirit that glows from it.

“A brand must not only change – it must be seen to change as well.”

How do we effect change? It begins with a single conscious thought. Decide to change and act on it. It is as simple as that. Next, apply this newfound positive energy to your brand universe. Visualize said formidable power (change) enveloping your brand. Imagine a force of such nature raising your brand up with wings upon a pedestal of freedom – one reaching for legendary Olympian heights! It will all seem almost supernatural, but it is very real! And at that juncture, you will discover an age-old secret: freedom will grow unreservedly and embrace a life of its own. Such liberty is truly malleable – let go of the old and dance into the new with the essence of change to the upbeat tune of sustainability astride the glimmering golden path to timelessness… And you would have arrived at your destination of change – one brimming with a fresh look and the added advantage of a new perspective.

Be the change!

Dr. KKJohan
A man with a mission, he is the Founding President of The BrandLaureate. The visage of the world’s only branding foundation, he built The BrandLaureate Awards from nothing into the most prestigious and coveted branding awards.



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