A Strong Brand Culture, A Strong Country Brand

Character is the backbone of the country – its very soul and spirit!

Like a falling celestial behemoth, the tail end of 2014 slowly sets upon the horizon as the crown of 2015, a sparkling new year, dawns – vigorously bursting with the promise of newness. Ergo, it will soon be a time of renewed visions, enthusiastic foresight and life-altering resolutions… In like stride, it is also a period of glancing back with a smile at the fulfilment of old pledges and vestigial expectations of times bygone… For every new beginning is an occasion for reflection, one that simultaneously moves in both directions – forward and backwards, where the past cannot be absolutely overshadowed by the future and vice versa… This customary transition adds to the quality of years within each of us; building personality, reinforcing stature and most importantly, moulding character.

“Nation building is brand building and brand building is character building.”

Just as each wonderful layer of cloth blesses an individual with a new colour, or as each new trunk ring defines the years of a tree, a nation with proper brand growth essentially has the right character built into it. And with sound character, the true moral fibre that anchors all things, a sovereign country can withstand any form of challenge, attack or persecution – because the values entrenched within its core are so stable and secure that they are deemed immutable and unshakable. Furthermore, a strong brand culture lends its positive power towards solid character building.

Character building is most definitely not an overnight process. The endeavour takes meticulous patience. It commands attentive care. It demands visionary planning. It beckons inner strength that challenges the very parameters of the builder. And when it co­mes to the character of an entire country, it requires each and every person in the land to lend their untold support. In truth, the epitome of nation branding stems from such high standards; setting sail towards transcendent frontiers of greatness, charting a new emergence in the cosmic map of stars…

“Imagine a person without character; or a nation devoid of character – neither would have any personality.”

The noble task of brand-building accurately can be visualized in this manner: It is like an artist painting (branding) a wonderful visage (character) on a blank canvas (nation). The new masterfully drawn face redefines the otherwise unassuming cut of cloth into an undying artwork, now enriched by a well-defined personality – one brimming with the aroma of character! Hence, this ageless piece of art now becomes a conduit of priceless value, a direct result of sound branding; immortalizing the nation in the endless seas of time…

“If we fail in brand building, there goes our future… Because brand building in fact builds character.”

Undeniably, the formative branding of a nation goes much, much deeper than what is visible on the surface; for such first-class branding culture reinforces the very fibre of the country with something far better – protecting the motherland against the ravaging elements under the canopy of time; whilst ensuring her continued survival in the climate of the prospective future…

“Inculcate a good brand culture for sake of the future…”

With apt branding, the very perception of the citizens of the country is poised to embrace radical change. Sons and daughters of the land will see themselves not merely as individuals, but as vital components of a bigger picture which form the mosaic of national branding. Malaysians, in turn, will be bestowed with the crucial drive to become grand emissaries of branding – brand champions with refined character – working towards this ultimate target, both individually and as a unit; and as a unit, our character is strong, just as our branding will be!

“Ultimately, we must become a nation of characters with character.”

Continuing the pursuit of an in-depth look at the Country Branding Series, it is clearly high time to peer intrinsically, beyond the tangible veil, into the essence of what gives this nation true substance…

Dr. KKJohan
A man with a mission, he is the Founding President of The BrandLaureate. The visage of the world’s only branding foundation, he built The BrandLaureate Awards from nothing into the most prestigious and coveted branding awards.



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