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Autumn/Winter 2015 & the Kaviar Gauche

KUALA LUMPUR, 2nd December, 2015– The joy behind a perfect beauty appearance is the passion of the CATRICE experts. No trend, no must-have and no detail can escape their attention and they transform them into fashionable make-up collections. They set the pace at full speed as it is fun to constantly develop colours and looks that interpret the latest trends. That’s what CATRICE is all about.

CATRICE is a German brand that prides itself on following the trends of the latest fashionista and make-up artists; the brand entered Malaysia early 2015 and managed to gather its own loyal users in just a short time. Its formulated products cater to the mass market at a price that is friendly to your wallet. Their products are always updated, so there will never be running out of nothing new to try from CATRICE!

Following CATRICE COSMETICS’ successful collaboration at Berlin Fashion Week in July 2015, Kaviar Gauche and CATRICE Cosmetis once again reunited to present a mutually developed make-up collection for the most beautiful day in a woman’s life – the Limited Edition ‘Kaviar Gauche for CATRICE’. Soft pastel shades and contrasting grey are an ideal match for the internationally renowned Bridal Couture by Kaviar Gauche, which stands for its light, avant-garde look and modern romanticism. CATRICE COSMETICS packages this range with floral lace designs, turning all of the products into a bridal beauty must-have of the season.

CATRICE also recently introduced us to its Autumn/Winter season 2015 collection. Inspired by the fashion trends of Autumn/Winter 2015, CATRICE presented the latest make-up highlights for the second half of the year. The runway at international fashion shows exhibits the drive while high-quality, innovative products provide the motivation. Adding to that, their latest Cruise Collections welcome warm temperatures and the beautiful sound of the sea. Light fabrics, summer prints and fresh colours replace dismal grey skies with a carefree summer mood. While designers are focusing on casual and modern styles, CATRICE COSMETICS is offering the ideal travel companion to go along with fashion collections with the Limited Edition ‘Travel De Luxe’ by CATRICE.

Fresh apricot, light rosé, pristine white, nautical blue and soft grey-blue is the perfect colour scheme. The highlighted items include the Travel Set which consist a highlighter, blusher, bronzer, two eyeshadows, an eyeliner pencil, a highlighting pen, a Refreshing Mist Body Spray, and a Caring Lip Balm with 20 SPF. For more information on CATRICE products,

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